Equity Investment

Equity Investment is an investment activity which will be conducted by PT PII as investor to buy share from on-going or brownfield infrastructure projects and/or to invest in the early stage/greenfield in project development to be the initiator of the infrastructure projects in order to be the equity investor or owner of the project. 

These shares can be used to invest in infrastructure sectors and projects as permanent ownership or will be offer to financial markets of the stocks which the shares are only for a certain amount of time.

Investing in equity in infrastructure projects is to generate recurring revenue. PT PII can collaborate with investor partners in investing the funds in infrastructure sector/projects by buying shares our project companies.

Financing Services

Financing Services PT PII collaborates with financial institution from USA to provide debt restructure. A debt refinancing facility comprises part loan and part investment and

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Seaport Indonesia is one of the biggest archipelago countries in the world which having more than 17 thousand islands. Therefore, maritime transportation is very important

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Toll Roads

Toll Roads PT PII is having intern to buy share from brownfield toll road projects which already operated with FIRR >15%. PT PII will bring

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